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At long last, Another GREAT collection of songs from The Cascades titled "All the Way to Yesterday." This CD was produced by our very own musical director and guitarist Mr. Charles Crews. This CD has re-makes of many of your favorite songs from our original album from 1963 including "Shy Girl," "The Last Leaf," "Angel on my Shoulder" and many, MANY MORE!!!

Also included as a special bonus cut is the "dance mix" of "Rhythm of the Rain." Fourteen cuts in all for your listening pleasure. On the back of the CD are pictures of all of us when we were just children. Liner notes done by musical director Charles "Chuck" Crews.

To order just follow the same procedure for ordering "After the Rain", but be sure to specify "All the Way to Yesterday." Please use the link to PayPal for fast, easy, service. This one is $15.95 + $3.95 for postage and handling.

Thanks so much to all our fans and I can only say that this CD is our BEST EVER!!!!!

Track list:

  1. All The Way To Yesterday
  2. Shy Girl
  3. Dreamin'
  4. Warm Manila Nights
  5. Lucky Guy
  6. Angel On My Shoulder
  7. My Manila
  8. She Delivers
  9. Was I Dreamin'
  10. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  11. There's A Reason
  12. Rhythm Of The Rain
  13. The Last Leaf
  14. Rhythm Of The Rain (Bonus Dance Remix 1)
  15. Rhythm Of The Rain (Bonus Dance Remix 2)



Itís FINALLY here. The new collection by John Claude Gummoe and The Cascades. Itís called "AFTER THE RAIN" and includes not only songs written and sung by John but three cuts sung by Gabe Lapano, two written by him!

For those of you who donít know Gabe, he replaced me as lead singer of The Cascades back in 1967. The rest of the tunes are sung by John Claude Gummoe, the composer of "RHYTHM OF THE RAIN". This exciting NEW CD includes the brand new version of "RHYTHM OF THE RAIN" which is now playing on my home page. The opening cut, written by long time friend, Lenny Green is called "GOOD DAY FOR THE BLUES" - Lenny and John have written many songs together before and this is not the first time for The Cascades to be doing a Lenny Green composition.

For details on how to order this great, new compilation, just click on the "special offers" page and get the info you need. Be sure to include the amount for postage and handling.


Here is the track listing of the New CD (click on linked names to hear a 60 second sample Real Audio stream of the song)

  1. Good Day For The Blues
  2. That's Not What Lovin' Is
  3. I Just Came By To Get A Smile
  4. Grandpa's Radio
  5. There'll Be love
  6. Hurtin' Songs
  7. Overnight Success
  8. Lisa's Eyes
  9. Who hurts the Most
  10. Save Some For Me
  11. We've Still Got Magic
  12. Lovers Without Love
  13. Everyday Working Man
  14. Rhythm Of The Rain