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11/04/06 - Hey Cascade Fans!!! You can now visit us on MySpace. Yes, that's right, we now have "our space" at MySpace. When you visit, you can leave a message for John, Gabe, Tony or Chuck. While you visit you can be "listening to the rhythm of the falling rain" and soon there will be pictures of us to see and facts about us that you might find interesting. We'll be looking forward to hearing from ALL of you throughout the world. It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW!!!! Kind of paints a picture. The title and title song do create a picture in your mind. It's about going back to your roots... where you came from and all the memories that go with that. Surely it's one of the best songs we've ever done. Also on this CD we feature Mr. Gabe Lapano, our keyboard player singing his own composition of "Warm Manila Nights" in tribute to our fantastic Filipino fans. Add to that "My Manila" written by our own Charles Crews also in tribute to the wonderful people of The Philippine Islands who have embraced THE CASCADES and made them us into a national treasure.

We've also done a brand new tune composed by yours truly called "She Delivers" and I'm also co-writer of the title song. To go along with that theme, we re-did some of the wonderful songs that were on our original "Rhythm of the Rain" album of almost 45 years ago including "Angel on my Shoulder", "There's a Reason" and LIVE PERFORMANCES of "Rhythm of the Rain" and "The Last Leaf".

Also included: "Shy Girl," "Dreamin," "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and many more. This is also the first CD by THE CASCADES produced from within by our own Mr. Charles Crews, our musical director and guitarist. Featured on the back are pictures of each of us as little boys, also in keeping with the theme of going back "All the Way to Yesterday".

Lastly, there is also a fabulous bonus cut of the dance mix of "Rhythm of the Rain" which heretofore had to be purchased separately. All in all, one of our finest efforts. Thanks to all of our loyal fans throughout the world... WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

10/10/06 - The Cascades, as many of you already know, are reunited and performing again. We've already done THREE hugely successful tours to Asia including The Philippines, Japan, and Maylaysia. Here in the U.S. we've performed at the House of Blues in Atlantic City and a show for the fans in McAllen, TX. We'll keep you posted on up and coming shows.

If you wish to see the Cascades performing live on the internet, check out YouTube and see videos of All the Way to Yesterday and our world famous hit, Rhythm of the Rain. We'll have more live performances coming up on YouTube as time goes on.

To all of our fans out there, call your local "oldies" station and tell them you'd like to see The Cascades LIVE!!!!