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My SONG, My Story, The Cascades and "Rhythm of the Rain", the 1960's pop classic of international renown. #1 in almost every country in the world, recorded in almost any language you can think of, here you can listen to many versions on streaming audio!

The version of "Rhythm of the Rain" you are hearing on my home page is the latest version of my song. I had a wonderful time recording it with my buddy and good friend, Chuck Crews. Chuck co-produced this with me and did the engineering on the cut as well as laying down some fine guitar work. I've always dreamed of re-doing this tune as a slow ballad as it's basically a sad song about lost love. It was such fun being in the studio again and doing the arranging, both on the vocals and kind of re-doing the chord structure a wee bit. Hope you are enjoying listening to the thunder and the falling rain. ENJOY!!